1. How to get a positive Brand Image with Paper-based Food Packaging?

    Recyclable packaging is the new trending concept that is lingering in the minds of consumers nowadays. While purchasing any food item, consumers are nowadays highly conscious about the type of packaging that the companies provide. Thus, paper-based packaging is now a healthy and demanding option. It is convenient to store the same and is a hygienic and eco-friendly option. Thus, companies should carefully consider the packaging designs and the materials they are using for packaging. Zero waste is the new normal, and people are focusing on buying environmentally sustainable things.

    Food packaging is a crucial part of the consideration for every company. Paper-based packaging solutions are ideal for food packaging as these retain the freshness of the food.

    3 ways paper-based packaging boosts brand image

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  2. 3 Ways to Convert Retail Packaging into Sustainable Options

    The retail industry is one of the largest and growing industries with huge demands for retail products throughout the year. However, retail consumers are becoming conscious and paying close attention to the packaging part in the current scenario. The purchase decisions of retail consumers are currently dependent on environmental concerns. Is the product sustainable? Are the packages done in an environment-friendly way? These are a few questions that linger in the mind of every customer nowadays. 

    Thus, most retail companies are paying attention to sustainable retail packaging supplies for capturing and retaining their customer base. Here are a few tips that can help you transform retail packaging into sustainable options. 

    1. Evaluate the packaging 

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  3. How to Recycle Corrugated Packing Boxes Successfully?

    Corrugated packaging boxes are in trend nowadays. With the rise in e-commerce, the demand for these boxes is increasing day by day. Whether it's products, or cake boxes or pizza delivery boxes, you'll find every other product being delivered in a corrugated box. If you're not aware of recycling the same, then the boxes might keep getting piled up in your home. Some features like high tech construction, weight, sustainability and its ability to protect against moisture. However, sustainability makes these types of boxes a favourite choice for different industries. Although there are several ways to recycle a corrugated packing box, read on to get a basic idea about the same.

    Why should you recycle corrugated boxes?

    Before jumping to a conclusion, it is necessary to understand the need for recycling corrugated boxes. In simple words, properly recycling the boxes helps
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  4. Things To Know About Compostable Nature of Paper Cups

    Paper cups, in general, are compostable. However, you might hear people claiming that not all paper cups are compostable. The primary reason behind this being, paper cups are sometimes lined with plastic. Many foods service-based paper cups are made of petroleum-based plastics. If such is the case, then it is evident that those paper cups are non-compostable. You might be resorting to paper cups, thinking you’re trying to be sustainable; however, the result will not be practical and valuable. Thus, it’s better to be knowledgeable than to be ignorant while you make such purchases.

    Compostable or Non-Compostable – Nature of Paper Cups

    Paper cups are an eco-friendly option; this is a well-known fact. However, as stated earlier, not all paper cups are sustainable. Hence, if you buy a plastic-lined paper cup and try to decompose them, you might fail. Some of the paper cups have a thin layer of plastic lining inside them. This lining helps the cup to stand erect. Surprisingly, most
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  5. Eco-friendly and Attractive Cake Boxes Making A Difference

    Cakes are a beautiful part of every party. Whether it’s the wedding, the anniversary, birthday, or any other kind of celebration, a colourful and tasty cake makes the day! However, bringing the cake in a perfect cake box makes the party more vibrant. Packaging is a major matter of concern when it comes to cakes. You can’t randomly pick any box or any material for the same. A beautifully decorated cake must be packed carefully in an eco-friendly box with a sufficient amount of space to prevent the same from being squashed. To assure that the quality of the cake remains unharmed, use cake boxes made of authentic materials. Here are a few common yet attractive types of cake boxes ideal for the packaging of a gift cake.

    Different types of cake boxes

    Nowadays, you’ll find advanced and designer cake boxes made of sustainable materials. They vary in shapes and colours and are custo
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  6. Looking For Wholesale Carrier Bags? Print And Make Them Stand Out

    Since numerous business owners are nowadays willing to include printed carrier bags in their marketing strategy, the demand for wholesale carrier bags is gradually enhancing. Visit a reputable wholesaler of sustainable carrier bags and you can market your products and services without exceeding your marketing budget. The primary benefit of printing carrier bags is that this type of advertising is very effective and affordable.

    3 Things To Consider When Choosing Wholesale Carrier Bags

    Size Wholesale carrier bags are available in various types and sizes and it is your responsibility to choose the right size according to your business needs. If you are a shoe seller, ensure that the carrier bag is not so small that you have to squeeze the shoe into it as the bag might tear before the customer reaches his home. The bag will create a wrong impression about your company if a torn bag ends up in the bin. Shape Though it
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  7. 4 Environmental Benefits of Using Green Paper Cups

    While you enjoy a cup of hot coffee, the environment is getting harmed on the other end. Previously coffee retailers used plastic cups to serve coffee. However, plastics are non-bio-degradable products and damage the soil and plants. Using green paper cups is cost-effective and a sustainable option. To know more about the advantages of using green paper cups, read on.

    Keeps marine bodies free from wastes

    Styrofoam is a cancer-causing compound that is present in plastic cups in high quantities. These chemicals are highly toxic for marine animals. While disposing of plastic cups, there's no way of reducing the wastes. Eventually, these wastes mix with the water bodies and break down into harmful particles to produce carcinogenic properties. Thus the underwater living creatures are harmed by the presence of the same.

    An affordable option for businesses

    Unlike plastic cups, the production of green paper cups is less costly. Inexpensive and readily available raw
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  8. Top 3 Reasons for Businesses to Use Effective Retail Packaging

    Consumers are the king of any business. As time went by, the needs of consumers have been changing. Thus manufacturers and marketers have been trying to find new ways of packaging the goods that can help in getting the utmost customer satisfaction level. When questions about customer satisfaction arise, the concept of retail packaging comes to the mind of the entrepreneurs. You may wonder why is retail packaging supplies important? Whenever you walk into a shopping mall and wander down the aisles, the packaging of the products is the first thing that attracts you. Thus, it is proven that customers are minutely scrutinizing every aspect of product packaging before making any purchase decision. To maintain market share, the retail packaging suppliers have understood that they need to provide more than protection to the good while packaging the same.

    Why is retail packaging important nowadays?

    Customised retail packaging designs

    Few years back a plain shopping
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  9. 3 Points To Consider When Buying Green Paper Cups

    Since the material used to make paper cups is recyclable, they have nowadays become more popular than plastic cups. The former is made using disposable material so they can decompose quickly. Generally, they are made using pulp extracted from trees and water. When you drink coffee or some other hot beverage from paper cups, it can have a negative impact on your health. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by paper cups, make sure you choose the right product. Progressive Supplies is one of the few companies you can trust for customised green paper cups at a price which suits your budget.

    Need Green Paper Cups? Few Vital Points To Consider

    A majority of the companies generally offer paper cups in three different sizes. Understand your needs and choose from small, medium and large cups. If you are buying them for your office or restaurant, it is advisable to keep cups in all the three sizes as the requirement of each customer or employee
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  10. 4 Points To Consider When Choosing Food Packaging

    There are a few companies who think that their focus should be more on manufacturing food products instead of packaging. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You have to choose the right material to pack the food products so that retailers and customers can safely keep those on their shelves. It is advisable to avoid bulky material as it can disappoint your customers. Rather, choose something which is compact and light. Not only will it help in reducing the cost of transportation and your storage requirements but also maximise their visual appeal. Choose a reputable packaging company like Progressive Supplies and you can rest assured that they will help you select the right material.

    Few Things To Consider When Choosing Food Packaging Material

    Your Needs
    A majority of the food products are soft or fragile so choose a material that is sturdy. There are so some customers who prefer reheating food before consumption. To make t
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