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  1. What is the essentiality of retail packaging?

    The present time is that of a massive shift in consumer behaviorisms. The paradigm of the retail market from around the globe has registered profound tilt away from consumer loyalty. A plentitude of choices has opened up new vistas of shopping for consumers. The current market ecosystem is not permissive of traditional marketing mantras. No wonder, brands have sailed far deep into an ocean of new marketing strategies. The power of retail packaging is now been discovered like never before.

    Why the lack of customer loyalty is a double game?

    Traditionally customers would place their trust and choice on selected brands only. On the one hand, this was beneficial for those established brands. However, this customer mentality was detrimental to a new brand to get its market share. With a change in scenario and near extinction of the concept of brand loyalty, the market is now an open space for every brand to play its part. The tag line is that marketers should use this knowledge effectively.
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  2. Food Packaging - The Fun Method Of Parceling Food

    Food packaging can be scientific method if you think about it. The current trends place the spotlight on food safety. If a food commodity is packaged well it stays fresh throughout the course distribution chain. In the absence of proper scientific packaging, the quality of food can greatly be compromised. Irrespective of the type of food and the length of the distribution chain, food packaging must be done in a manner that avoids contamination. It is also directly related to the shelf life of food commodity. Financially, the right kind of food packaging is a healthy business. People are progressively more into food packaging as much they are interested in the food item they are buying. Let’s delve into this slice of the packaging industry.

    Food packaging which is good for the environment

    The first criterion for good quality food packaging is food preservation. The next criterion is it being environmentally friendly. Are you someone who believes in not harming nature in any c
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