E-commerce packaging research conducted revealed:

68% of consumers are more conscious of packaging materials and design than they were just five years ago
Packaging was credited by 76% of the respondents as affecting the perception they had of the retailer
Providing a dud of a delivery is going to come back to bite a retailer - 50% of online shoppers said they receive packages in poor condition
When things are bad, 70% consider shopping elsewhere and 8% cut the cord completely
ecommerce packaging solutions to enhance your brand

With this kind of customer attrition on the line, it’s clear that packaging is the Last Moment of Truth for retailers. It’s a make-or-break moment that turns shoppers into blissful repeat buyers or disgruntled former ones. But what exactly does it take to offer a “good enough” customer experience once the package has been delivered?

To answer that, it’s important to understand how the table stakes have changed.

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