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  1. Common types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging that Customers Love

    Plastic is the most used material for food packaging around the globe. However, customers and marketers have become conscious of environmental sustainability and have stopped using plastic as a source of food packaging material. Since plastic is non-recyclable, exposure to the environment is harmful. Hence it is always advisable to use sustainable or eco-friendly food packaging options that are available widely.

    Moreover, when it comes to food packaging, particular importance should be given to the type of packaging material that will keep the food fresh and germ-free for an extended period. Plastic is undoubtedly a non-popular option as it tends to contaminate the food, destroying its nutritional value.

    Here is a list of Sustainable food packaging options you can opt for.

    Five types of sustainable food packaging options

    Using glass containers

    The glass can be easily cleaned, reusable and highly durable material for food packaging options.
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  2. Four Top Food Packaging Trends that Have Become Popular Lately

    Packaging plays an important role in keeping products safe and fresh. With globalisation and sustainability playing an important role in every individual's life, the food packaging process has changed a lot. Food is a perishable product, and hence the marketers and the distributors have to pay special attention to the packaging process. Sustainability and global distribution play an important role in ascertaining the type of packaging that the food manufacturers and the retailers must opt for. Check out the trending food packaging solutions that have made the marketers spend special funds for the packaging and distribution process.

    What are the most popular food packaging trends?

    Sustainable packaging

    Sustainable packaging is the new trend that marketers are following. Consumers have shifted their focus to the consumption of sustainable food items. Hence, retailers are also focusing on using sustainable packaging solutions. Hence food companies opting for sustainable
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  3. Three Main Things to Consider for an Effective Bakery Packaging

    Whenever you go to the market to buy a product, the good inside the packet is what you are paying for. But, that does not mean you ignore the packaging. As per marketing experts, the packaging of a product plays a crucial role in attracting buyers to it and motivating them to pay for that particular product. Bakery packaging is not an exception.

    The packet of a product works like the exterior decoration of a store. If the exterior appearance is not appealing enough, you probably would not like to go inside that store to get a service or product.

    There are several things that one must consider while choosing effective packaging for a bakery business. We will discuss three key factors in this blog.

    Packing a Product: Keep These Points in Mind

  4. Eye-Catchy Packets
  5. Whether
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  • What Makes Nested Boxes Ideal For Food Packaging

    Though you can choose from various food packaging materials, nested boxes are widely used to store and transport various types of food items and agricultural products. The material used to make these boxes is also used to make screens and travel bags. One of the primary benefits you can reap by choosing a reputable supplier of nested boxes is that they maintain a high level of customer care and product quality. You can keep the food products in the box protected from spoilage and contamination. They are ideal for packing edible commodities before exporting or storing them.

    3 Benefits Of Using Nested Boxes For Food Packaging

    • You Can Use Them For Printing
    • Almost all the food packaging suppliers provide nested boxes that can be printed easily. You can easily use them to execute your marketing strategy. The visual impact of the box will determine
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  • How to Decorate Your Cake Boxes and Make Them Attractive?

    Customisation of cake boxes helps in increasing the overall sales of the product. Unlike the cake, the packaging attracts the attention of the customers. If a box is hideous and fails to impress the customers, the product might not sell. As a result, the sales of the product will go down. Thus, the aesthetic appearances of cake boxes play a significant role in increasing the product's sale value. 

    Baking is a magical and creative affair. Once the cake is created, it depends on the baker to decorate with different icings, chocolate crushings and sprinkles. The addition of these ingredients helps in making the baked cake look beautiful. Since cakes are used on special occasions, box decorations and cake decorations help make the cake look good and add to the excitement and thrill of the occasion. 

    Three ways to make your cake box look good 

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  • Eco-friendly and Attractive Cake Boxes Making A Difference

    Cakes are a beautiful part of every party. Whether it’s the wedding, the anniversary, birthday, or any other kind of celebration, a colourful and tasty cake makes the day! However, bringing the cake in a perfect cake box makes the party more vibrant. Packaging is a major matter of concern when it comes to cakes. You can’t randomly pick any box or any material for the same. A beautifully decorated cake must be packed carefully in an eco-friendly box with a sufficient amount of space to prevent the same from being squashed. To assure that the quality of the cake remains unharmed, use cake boxes made of authentic materials. Here are a few common yet attractive types of cake boxes ideal for the packaging of a gift cake.

    Different types of cake boxes

    Nowadays, you’ll find advanced and designer cake boxes made of sustainable materials. They vary in shapes and colours and are custo
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  • 3 Points To Consider When Buying Green Paper Cups

    Since the material used to make paper cups is recyclable, they have nowadays become more popular than plastic cups. The former is made using disposable material so they can decompose quickly. Generally, they are made using pulp extracted from trees and water. When you drink coffee or some other hot beverage from paper cups, it can have a negative impact on your health. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by paper cups, make sure you choose the right product. Progressive Supplies is one of the few companies you can trust for customised green paper cups at a price which suits your budget.

    Need Green Paper Cups? Few Vital Points To Consider

    A majority of the companies generally offer paper cups in three different sizes. Understand your needs and choose from small, medium and large cups. If you are buying them for your office or restaurant, it is advisable to keep cups in all the three sizes as the requirement of each customer or employee
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  • 4 Points To Consider When Choosing Food Packaging

    There are a few companies who think that their focus should be more on manufacturing food products instead of packaging. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. You have to choose the right material to pack the food products so that retailers and customers can safely keep those on their shelves. It is advisable to avoid bulky material as it can disappoint your customers. Rather, choose something which is compact and light. Not only will it help in reducing the cost of transportation and your storage requirements but also maximise their visual appeal. Choose a reputable packaging company like Progressive Supplies and you can rest assured that they will help you select the right material.

    Few Things To Consider When Choosing Food Packaging Material

    Your Needs
    A majority of the food products are soft or fragile so choose a material that is sturdy. There are so some customers who prefer reheating food before consumption. To make t
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  • Which Packaging Materials Are Eco-Friendly?

    It is time that we do our bit for the environment. From changing from sustainable eating habits to using more sustainable goods, we are doing our bit. Why not switch to sustainable packaging? Tons of packaging waste is dumped into landfill every year; we change the scenario and move over to sustainable packaging. Here are some packaging materials that are incredibly eco-friendly and can also be used for food packaging

    Recycled Plastics

    Recycling plastics is one of the most popular environmental-friendly technique. You can quickly fulfil your packaging needs with recycled plastics. It is not harmful to nature and also is a durable material. Its durability makes it perfect for the packaging of items that might require moving around.

    Inflatable Air Pillows

    Many of our packaging items require an extra level of cushioning to ensure their safety while shipped from one place t
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  • Importance Of Food Packaging During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    One of the primary reasons why the government can’t prevent coronavirus disease from spreading is because there is a wide variety of information swirling around COVID-19. The more information we get, the more confused we are becoming. Nowadays, people have become conscious about transferring the virus on food packaging. If you want to have complete peace of mind and consume safe food, getting all your queries about food packaging answered is a must.

    Can Someone Contract The Virus Through Food?

    Since coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can spread from one person to another through respiratory droplets, it is not considered a foodborne illness. If you want to prevent or stop the spread of COVID-19, you can undertake actions that generally help prevent foodborne illness. Few of the common activities are frequently washing and sanitizing all the touchpoints, washing and scrubbing your h
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