1. Three Main Things to Consider for an Effective Bakery Packaging

    Whenever you go to the market to buy a product, the good inside the packet is what you are paying for. But, that does not mean you ignore the packaging. As per marketing experts, the packaging of a product plays a crucial role in attracting buyers to it and motivating them to pay for that particular product. Bakery packaging is not an exception.

    The packet of a product works like the exterior decoration of a store. If the exterior appearance is not appealing enough, you probably would not like to go inside that store to get a service or product.

    There are several things that one must consider while choosing effective packaging for a bakery business. We will discuss three key factors in this blog.

    Packing a Product: Keep These Points in Mind

  2. Eye-Catchy Packets
  3. Whether
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  • The Significance of Good Bakery Packaging

    In this age of ultra-smart advertising, the significance of good packaging can be felt in every industry. Bakery is not an exception. The significance of good quality bakery packaging and presentation is quite evident for various reasons.

    Why is Bakery Packaging Important?

    Sign of Good Quality

    People buy cakes, pastries, bread and other items to consume them. They love to choose products packed in a secure and attractive way. The packaging of the cakes and pastries makes them convinced to some extent about the quality of the product inside them. 

    Build the Trust

    People will never trust and buy a paper box of pastry that is damaged or torn. Well-packed cakes and other bakery items are signs of freshness and good quality. Hence, buyers always give priority to the boxes and packages of bakery
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  • How to get a positive Brand Image with Paper-based Food Packaging?

    Recyclable packaging is the new trending concept that is lingering in the minds of consumers nowadays. While purchasing any food item, consumers are nowadays highly conscious about the type of packaging that the companies provide. Thus, paper-based packaging is now a healthy and demanding option. It is convenient to store the same and is a hygienic and eco-friendly option. Thus, companies should carefully consider the packaging designs and the materials they are using for packaging. Zero waste is the new normal, and people are focusing on buying environmentally sustainable things.

    Food packaging is a crucial part of the consideration for every company. Paper-based packaging solutions are ideal for food packaging as these retain the freshness of the food.

    3 ways paper-based packaging boosts brand image

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  • E- Commerce Packaging

    E-commerce packaging research conducted revealed:

    68% of consumers are more conscious of packaging materials and design than they were just five years ago
    Packaging was credited by 76% of the respondents as affecting the perception they had of the retailer
    Providing a dud of a delivery is going to come back to bite a retailer - 50% of online shoppers said they receive packages in poor condition
    When things are bad, 70% consider shopping elsewhere and 8% cut the cord completely
    ecommerce packaging solutions to enhance your brand

    With this kind of customer attrition on the line, it’s clear that packaging is the Last Moment of Truth for retailers. It’s a make-or-break moment that turns shoppers into blissful repeat buyers or disgruntled former ones. But what exactly does it take to offer a “good enough” customer experience once the package has been delivered?

    To answer that, it’s important to understand how the table stakes have changed.

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