Is grabbing a cup of hot coffee from the cafe nearby the first thing you do every morning when you step out for work? Odds are that you end up with plastic cups which end up in landfills and have a significant environmental impact. Wondering how to make a positive change and switch to biodegradable alternatives? Using eco-friendly paper cups can be your ideal solution.

Throwaway plastic cups cause deforestation, waste and pollution, making a serious impact on the environment. What’s more alarming is that with more than 7 million cups being thrown away all over the UK, less than 1% of these cups are being recycled. Though the awareness of the global plastic issue is growing constantly, it’s time that individuals start contributing towards the environment to save the Earth.

Encouraging the use of biodegradable paper coffee cups can be a great solution to this monumental problem. Not only can these sustainable alternatives help in reducing the environmental footprint, but

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