4 Major Varieties of Paper Used For Food Packaging to Save the Environment
Food packaging is an ever-evolving industry. Many industries in the market are launching the latest ways of packaging food. Some food packaging options are efficient, while others are environmentally friendly. You can definitely go for paper packaging among all the different types of food packaging. It is one of the latest wrapping strategies available in the market. Paper is reusable, eco-friendly, and has an excellent surface for custom branding.

In this blog, you will learn about the different types of paper used for packaging and how to pick the best one.

The Various Types of Paper for Food Packaging

Many global restrictions are imposed by countries globally on packaging products that will pollute the environment. Pollution is increasing, and industries must follow different guidelines on how to package their products.

In this scenario, the green or paper packaging is picking up speed. It has a wide impact on people's lives. From daily coffee cups to the bags used for groceries, all are now available in paper forms. The use of paper bags also allows the brands to print beautiful patterns on the surface as per the requirement. It provides an artistic look to the packaging.

Paper varieties like coated paper, offset paper, kraft paper and cardboard are used for packaging. Each one of these variants comes with different features, toughness and texture.

1. Coated paper

This variety provides a smooth, clean and textured finish on the end product. The raw materials used in making the coated paper are paint and copper-painted base paper. Many additional materials are also used for making this variant of paper packaging, including adhesives, pigments, and coating. The special coating is applied on a paperboard surface and dried to get the finished product.

2. Offset Paper

Though the quality of this variety is less than that of coated paper, offset paper is popular for its white colour, texture, and hardness. This type of food packaging is best for printing pictures, trademarks, and multi-colour texts. It is used to wrap dry fruits, loaves of bread, etc.

3. Kraft Paper

It is a highly specialised paper used for packaging. It is made up of softwood sulphate. The finished product, after processing, is thicker and off-white. You can even get some paper in brown colour, yellow and cream too. The thickness is high, 80- 120 grams.

4. Cardboard

This type of paper packaging is used mainly for delivering pizzas. It is made up of high pressure and heat. The paper pulp is compressed with chemicals to manufacture these paper boxes.

These are some popular types of paper used for food packaging. If you are searching for paper cups, bags, and boxes for your store, buy them in bulk from Progressive Supplies. We have a huge variety of paper packaging options to choose from. Scroll our website to know more.