Eco-friendly and Attractive Cake Boxes Making A Difference
Cakes are a beautiful part of every party. Whether it’s the wedding, the anniversary, birthday, or any other kind of celebration, a colourful and tasty cake makes the day! However, bringing the cake in a perfect cake box makes the party more vibrant. Packaging is a major matter of concern when it comes to cakes. You can’t randomly pick any box or any material for the same. A beautifully decorated cake must be packed carefully in an eco-friendly box with a sufficient amount of space to prevent the same from being squashed. To assure that the quality of the cake remains unharmed, use cake boxes made of authentic materials. Here are a few common yet attractive types of cake boxes ideal for the packaging of a gift cake.

Different types of cake boxes

Nowadays, you’ll find advanced and designer cake boxes made of sustainable materials. They vary in shapes and colours and are customized as per the size of the cake. Check out a few common ones. White folding box
They are the most commonly used boxes. They are square with two pieces at the base and a lid on the top. There is a lot of space in these kinds of boxes, and hence, your cake is safe in such boxes. They are ideal for heavyweight cakes. So, when you order tall 3-row cakes with a lot of decoration and icing on top, ask the shop to give them in these boxes. No risk of squashing! They are even easy to manufacture and looks professionally clean.

Stack and pack cake box
This is a designer option. These kinds of cake boxes are exclusively used for well-designed cakes for gifting purposes. Unlike the above one, this is a well-manufactured box with a lid on the top. Hard and water-resistant cardboard paper is used to make the same. They come in different sizes, but shapes don’t vary.

Cupcake boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are designed only for the packaging of cupcakes. They have an added feature; hence you can insert the cupcakes at the bottom of the box without falling off during transit. The cupcakes sit firmly at the bottom, and the box shape is made accordingly to hold them back.

The difference in quality and design of cake boxes depends on the manufacturers. Progressive Supplies is a reliable company that focuses on making eco-friendly, durable, easily customizable and premium-quality cake boxes. For more product details, check our website.