Four Top Food Packaging Trends that Have Become Popular Lately

Packaging plays an important role in keeping products safe and fresh. With globalisation and sustainability playing an important role in every individual's life, the food packaging process has changed a lot. Food is a perishable product, and hence the marketers and the distributors have to pay special attention to the packaging process. Sustainability and global distribution play an important role in ascertaining the type of packaging that the food manufacturers and the retailers must opt for.

Check out the trending food packaging solutions that have made the marketers spend special funds for the packaging and distribution process.

What are the most popular food packaging trends?

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is the new trend that marketers are following. Consumers have shifted their focus to the consumption of sustainable food items. Hence, retailers are also focusing on using sustainable packaging solutions. Hence food companies opting for sustainable packaging solutions create a positive brand value. Food retailers are thus nowadays using refillable packaging, bioplastics, antimicrobial packaging and reusable packaging options for their products.

Virtual packaging

Virtual or augmented packaging solutions are the future of food packaging. The retailers are enabling QR codes, coupons or clickable links that the customers can use and get the food delivered at their preferred location instantly. This helps them to avoid any harmful packing materials. The concept of virtual packaging has been implemented however it takes time to make customers aware of it.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging options are made from polymers, bioplastics and paper boards. This is a cheap and highly environmentally friendly option. Flexible packaging is a popular and convenient option in the food industry because, depending on food quality, the packaging option can be changed. Flexible packaging solutions are a great option and have become drastically popular. Food retailers are using this lately for all types of food packaging solutions.

Creative packaging

With the help of creative packaging solutions, you can increase the product's aesthetics. Along with sustainability, aesthetics play an important role in provoking the customers to buy a parcel. By developing beautiful and unique packaging solutions, you can ensure that the food products get noticed among the others in the retail store. However, a major drawback of creative packaging is its high cost. Hence, not all food manufacturers can afford the same.

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