How to Recycle Corrugated Packing Boxes Successfully?
Corrugated packaging boxes are in trend nowadays. With the rise in e-commerce, the demand for these boxes is increasing day by day. Whether it's products, or cake boxes or pizza delivery boxes, you'll find every other product being delivered in a corrugated box. If you're not aware of recycling the same, then the boxes might keep getting piled up in your home. Some features like high tech construction, weight, sustainability and its ability to protect against moisture. However, sustainability makes these types of boxes a favourite choice for different industries. Although there are several ways to recycle a corrugated packing box, read on to get a basic idea about the same.

Why should you recycle corrugated boxes?

Before jumping to a conclusion, it is necessary to understand the need for recycling corrugated boxes. In simple words, properly recycling the boxes helps in decreasing the amount of solid waste. If the boxes are made of OCC or old corrugated cardboard, then recycling becomes easier. Moreover, corrugated boxes should be recycled as it helps in reducing water usage. In case you're unable to recycle these boxes, then you can also opt to reuse them. You might face trouble in recycling the wet boxes or the frozen food boxes. In such cases, opting for reusing the same for different household purposes is a better option. You might be amazed to find some people creatively decorating the boxes and use them for different purposes. Natural recycling methods do not hold good for the corrugated boxes used as juice containers, pizza boxes, and milk cartons. They are made of more durable, hard and reusable material. Hence the rules for recycling the same is not similar. It would be best if you approached the municipality in these matters. They'll recycle these boxes separately using different technical methods.

Simple ways of recycling corrugated boxes

Donate for the poor

Many organisations take donations in the form of corrugate cardboard boxes for poor people. You can easily donate the same if you've piles stocked in your home. They either recycle the same or send it to the poor people who can use it for household purposes.

Creative revamping

If you're the creative instinct within you, you can easily revamp the overall look of the corrugate box by decorating and turning the same into 3D objects. This is also a way of recycling the same.

Send to recycling plants

This is the easiest way to get rid of the corrugated boxes. Many recycling plants use technical expertise to get rid of the boxes without any hassle. At Progressive Supplies, we provide the best-quality corrugated cake boxes of all shapes and sizes. Buy from us and get sustainable material that would be easy to recycle. Check our website for more details.