Things To Know About Compostable Nature of Paper Cups
Paper cups, in general, are compostable. However, you might hear people claiming that not all paper cups are compostable. The primary reason behind this being, paper cups are sometimes lined with plastic. Many foods service-based paper cups are made of petroleum-based plastics. If such is the case, then it is evident that those paper cups are non-compostable. You might be resorting to paper cups, thinking you’re trying to be sustainable; however, the result will not be practical and valuable. Thus, it’s better to be knowledgeable than to be ignorant while you make such purchases.

Compostable or Non-Compostable – Nature of Paper Cups

Paper cups are an eco-friendly option; this is a well-known fact. However, as stated earlier, not all paper cups are sustainable. Hence, if you buy a plastic-lined paper cup and try to decompose them, you might fail. Some of the paper cups have a thin layer of plastic lining inside them. This lining helps the cup to stand erect. Surprisingly, most of the paper cups have this lining. Hence, the recycling process fails when the plastic lining of the paper cups doesn’t get composted. Furthermore, paper cups certified by the sustainability departments are genuinely made of paper and can be used as compostable paper cups. These paper cups are eco-friendly, and you can use this to decompose efficiently.

Recyclability of Disposable Cups

Be careful about the difference between disposable and biodegradable cups. You have to be cautious about the fact that all disposable cups are not biodegradable. Most of the paper cups are disposable. Yes, you can dispose of it off. But it is not biodegradable. Hence, in simple words, you can get rid of the cups and stuff them up in the garbage area. But you can’t go on and degrade them. So, they remain hazardous for the environment for a lifetime. Most biodegradable paper cups are made of virgin paper. In layman’s terms, they are directly manufactured from cutting trees. If no chemicals are mixed with the paper, you can dispose of it and biologically degrade the same. Keep a note of the certification and authenticity when you purchase disposable cups. Progressive Supplies are an authentic manufacturer of disposable cups. We produce fully compostable and biodegradable paper cups for your convenience. You can use them and also decompose them as per your wish! Check out our website for more product details.