bio-degradable plastic bags

  1. Importance Of Food Packaging During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    One of the primary reasons why the government can’t prevent coronavirus disease from spreading is because there is a wide variety of information swirling around COVID-19. The more information we get, the more confused we are becoming. Nowadays, people have become conscious about transferring the virus on food packaging. If you want to have complete peace of mind and consume safe food, getting all your queries about food packaging answered is a must.

    Can Someone Contract The Virus Through Food?

    Since coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can spread from one person to another through respiratory droplets, it is not considered a foodborne illness. If you want to prevent or stop the spread of COVID-19, you can undertake actions that generally help prevent foodborne illness. Few of the common activities are frequently washing and sanitizing all the touchpoints, washing and scrubbing your h
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  2. 4 Advantages of Switching to Bio-Degradable Plastic Bags

    The bioplastic or the biodegradable plastic carrier bags are manufactured by utilising plant-based raw materials. Thus, the natural decomposition of such bags gets faster and easier. The fungi and bacteria thriving in the surroundings metabolise the plastic naturally. Therefore, the structure of the bags breaks down quickly. They, in turn, gets transformed to compost after some time. Hence, bio-degradable plastic solutions are defining the new-age solution for retail packaging and playing a significant role in eliminating the problem of plastic waste.

    Four reasons why biodegradable plastic help save natural resources and benefit the environment

    Reduction of Carbon Emission

    It significantly helps in reducing carbon emissions during the various manufacturing processes. Moreover, as they are made of raw materials originated from natural
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