cake boxes

  1. How to Decorate Your Cake Boxes and Make Them Attractive?

    Customisation of cake boxes helps in increasing the overall sales of the product. Unlike the cake, the packaging attracts the attention of the customers. If a box is hideous and fails to impress the customers, the product might not sell. As a result, the sales of the product will go down. Thus, the aesthetic appearances of cake boxes play a significant role in increasing the product's sale value. 

    Baking is a magical and creative affair. Once the cake is created, it depends on the baker to decorate with different icings, chocolate crushings and sprinkles. The addition of these ingredients helps in making the baked cake look beautiful. Since cakes are used on special occasions, box decorations and cake decorations help make the cake look good and add to the excitement and thrill of the occasion. 

    Three ways to make your cake box look good 

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  2. How to Recycle Corrugated Packing Boxes Successfully?

    Corrugated packaging boxes are in trend nowadays. With the rise in e-commerce, the demand for these boxes is increasing day by day. Whether it's products, or cake boxes or pizza delivery boxes, you'll find every other product being delivered in a corrugated box. If you're not aware of recycling the same, then the boxes might keep getting piled up in your home. Some features like high tech construction, weight, sustainability and its ability to protect against moisture. However, sustainability makes these types of boxes a favourite choice for different industries. Although there are several ways to recycle a corrugated packing box, read on to get a basic idea about the same.

    Why should you recycle corrugated boxes?

    Before jumping to a conclusion, it is necessary to understand the need for recycling corrugated boxes. In simple words, properly recycling the boxes helps
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  3. Eco-friendly and Attractive Cake Boxes Making A Difference

    Cakes are a beautiful part of every party. Whether it’s the wedding, the anniversary, birthday, or any other kind of celebration, a colourful and tasty cake makes the day! However, bringing the cake in a perfect cake box makes the party more vibrant. Packaging is a major matter of concern when it comes to cakes. You can’t randomly pick any box or any material for the same. A beautifully decorated cake must be packed carefully in an eco-friendly box with a sufficient amount of space to prevent the same from being squashed. To assure that the quality of the cake remains unharmed, use cake boxes made of authentic materials. Here are a few common yet attractive types of cake boxes ideal for the packaging of a gift cake.

    Different types of cake boxes

    Nowadays, you’ll find advanced and designer cake boxes made of sustainable materials. They vary in shapes and colours and are custo
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  4. Why is it Better to Pack Cakes in Cardboard Boxes?

    A cake needs to be packed in a box, and the box can be made of different materials. Still, cardboard boxes are the most preferred choice for packing a cake. The trend is gradually gaining momentum. The principal reason behind this is the ability of cardboard boxes to keep the cake fresh and edible for a longer time. It is essential to be extra cautious when it comes to packing a food item. The packing should be such that the item remains fresh for an extended period as there are chances that the food is consumed hours after delivery and all these while they must remain safe for consumption. Another significant advantage of using a cardboard box is the ease of customising. You can modify the boxes in various shapes and sizes according to the taste and preference of the user and the nature of the occasion the cake is meant for.

    Top 5 Reasons Cakes Should be Packed in Cardboard Boxes


    There can often arise a requirement for a long-distance delivery of a
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