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  1. 3 Ways to Convert Retail Packaging into Sustainable Options

    The retail industry is one of the largest and growing industries with huge demands for retail products throughout the year. However, retail consumers are becoming conscious and paying close attention to the packaging part in the current scenario. The purchase decisions of retail consumers are currently dependent on environmental concerns. Is the product sustainable? Are the packages done in an environment-friendly way? These are a few questions that linger in the mind of every customer nowadays. 

    Thus, most retail companies are paying attention to sustainable retail packaging supplies for capturing and retaining their customer base. Here are a few tips that can help you transform retail packaging into sustainable options. 

    1. Evaluate the packaging 

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  2. Importance Of Food Packaging During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    One of the primary reasons why the government can’t prevent coronavirus disease from spreading is because there is a wide variety of information swirling around COVID-19. The more information we get, the more confused we are becoming. Nowadays, people have become conscious about transferring the virus on food packaging. If you want to have complete peace of mind and consume safe food, getting all your queries about food packaging answered is a must.

    Can Someone Contract The Virus Through Food?

    Since coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can spread from one person to another through respiratory droplets, it is not considered a foodborne illness. If you want to prevent or stop the spread of COVID-19, you can undertake actions that generally help prevent foodborne illness. Few of the common activities are frequently washing and sanitizing all the touchpoints, washing and scrubbing your h
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  3. How Can Paper Cup Marketing Be Beneficial To Your Business?

    It is the packaging of the product that serves as the necessary protective covering for the good. They are integral elements determining the selling point of the article inside. Hence, it is a crucial aspect to create the right packaging for different products. A brand must come up with a complete retail packaging concept or must seek professional support in this regard. At the same time, it is also essential that all possible mistakes to be avoided to attain a successful outcome.

    6 Packaging Mistakes Commonly Encountered by a Brand

    Packaging that fails to reveal the product:

    A bespoke retail packaging must offer a glimpse of the actual product. The product should be wrapped in a way that it must show what’s there inside. Thinking out-of-the-box and being a little creative will make the option easier and useful. Thus, the product could be sold effectively a
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  4. 4 Advantages of Switching to Bio-Degradable Plastic Bags

    The bioplastic or the biodegradable plastic carrier bags are manufactured by utilising plant-based raw materials. Thus, the natural decomposition of such bags gets faster and easier. The fungi and bacteria thriving in the surroundings metabolise the plastic naturally. Therefore, the structure of the bags breaks down quickly. They, in turn, gets transformed to compost after some time. Hence, bio-degradable plastic solutions are defining the new-age solution for retail packaging and playing a significant role in eliminating the problem of plastic waste.

    Four reasons why biodegradable plastic help save natural resources and benefit the environment

    Reduction of Carbon Emission

    It significantly helps in reducing carbon emissions during the various manufacturing processes. Moreover, as they are made of raw materials originated from natural
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  5. How To Make Your Business More Sustainable With Retail Packaging?

    Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to stand out in the marketplace. More and more companies are using sustainability as the key to strengthening customer relationships and corporate reputation. But, are you perplexed about the ways to ensure the sustainability of the products you sell? Investing in eco-friendly retail packaging can be the ideal way to ensure social, environmental and legal compliance. In today’s evolving landscape, consumers are increasingly in search of sustainable products and product packaging. The increasing environmental concerns and shifting purchasing criteria are factors driving innovation. Companies are turning to sustainable packaging for corporate social responsibility, reducing waste and lessen their carbon footprint. So, more and more brands are taking a stance for making a positive environmental impact. Here’s all you need to know about transforming your packaging for sustainability.

    Retail Packaging: Why Switch To Sustainable Solutions?

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  6. What is the essentiality of retail packaging?

    The present time is that of a massive shift in consumer behaviorisms. The paradigm of the retail market from around the globe has registered profound tilt away from consumer loyalty. A plentitude of choices has opened up new vistas of shopping for consumers. The current market ecosystem is not permissive of traditional marketing mantras. No wonder, brands have sailed far deep into an ocean of new marketing strategies. The power of retail packaging is now been discovered like never before.

    Why the lack of customer loyalty is a double game?

    Traditionally customers would place their trust and choice on selected brands only. On the one hand, this was beneficial for those established brands. However, this customer mentality was detrimental to a new brand to get its market share. With a change in scenario and near extinction of the concept of brand loyalty, the market is now an open space for every brand to play its part. The tag line is that marketers should use this knowledge effectively.
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