Check Out 3 Types of Paper Food Packaging Grades Available In Market

Check Out 3 Types of Paper Food Packaging Grades Available In Market

Packaging is one of the most essential components for almost all industries, like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and retail. The right type of food packaging is used to protect the products during transportation, storage and branding.

The durability of paper food packaging materials is crucial for ensuring that all the products reach their destination in perfect condition and that freshness stays intact. Different paper varieties with different characteristics can affect packaging durability, strength and overall cost.


Why Is The Demand For Paper-Grade Packaging Increasing?

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each paper packaging option is good, as it will help you choose the right packaging for the products. In this article, you will learn about the different types of paper food packaging.

Before you learn about the different types of paper-grade food packaging, you should remember that choosing the type of food-grade packaging can make or break your business reputation.

Sustainable product packaging materials like paper will help reduce carbon emission, waste and energy usage compared to plastic packaging.


Types of Paper-Grade Food Packaging

    • Clay Coated News Backboard Or CCNB
    • The Clay Coated News Backboard or CCNB is the most common type of paperboard. it is prepared by mixing recycled newspapers, secondary paper and old corrugated containers. This variety has low tensile strength and low printing output.

    Hence, it is used in low-cost folding carton packaging for dry food, laundry detergents and non-food items. It is one of the affordable choices and is used by budget cereal brands. Though CCNB is a recycled material, the clay coating is sometimes tough to recycle.
  • Folding Box Board Or FBB
  • The folding box board or FBB is a good quality paperboard grade chemically manufactured using ply paper pulp material, making this food packaging stronger and more durable. While the Folding Box Board is a great choice in terms of durability and smooth printing surface, it has many side effects. FBB takes a longer time to recycle due to the multi-layered composition.
  • Natural Kraft
  • Natural Kraft, also called SUS, is gaining importance in the packaging industry. It is eco-friendly and gives a natural look. This paper food packaging product is made of unbleached wooden pulp, making it one of the best choices for industries looking for sustainable packaging products.
Most industries use these three common food packaging grades in the paper. Progressive Supplies is the best place to buy good quality paper food packaging, cardboard, bags or bakery items. Explore the website to learn about the product types.
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