Common Paper Food Packaging Solutions You Can Find in Restaurants

Common Paper Food Packaging Solutions You Can Find in Restaurants

At the current time, you would be able to find a number of sustainable packaging solutions. From retail to the F&B industry, these packaging solutions are making a dominating impact. The popularity of these packages has primarily risen due to their impact on protecting the environment from pollution.


The Popularity of Paper as a Packaging Solution:

Out of various sustainable raw materials, paper has been one of the leading choices among businesses. Along with being eco-friendly, paper is completely naturally sourced. Therefore, it is one of the primary choices for food packaging. When you order from a food delivery app or pack your meals from a restaurant, you will find your food safely packed in paper food packaging.


Different Kinds of Paper Food Packaging Solutions:

When talking about paper food packages, you will find many variants. We discuss them in the following part of this blog.
  • Paper Food Bowls: As the name suggests, these paper food containers are shaped like a bowl. You can use them to store gravy-based dishes, like curries and soups. These bowls are again segmented into different parts, manufactured from different paper types. You need not worry about its heat resistance as paper bowls are used to store both hot and cold foods.
  • Paper Lunch Boxes: These are among the most common alternatives to regular plastic lunch boxes. These are much more beneficial for the environment as the containers are made of biodegradable products. These are highly suitable for storing hot foods, especially rice-based foods and salads. Generally, food trucks and other cloud kitchens with a limited budget for packaging hand out packed food in these boxes.
  • Paper Cups: Paper cups are the best option when carrying hot or cold beverages. These are generally made of specially designed kraft papers, which are much more durable than regular paper. Cafes and cloud kitchens commonly use this type of paper cups. You can use them to drink tea, coffee, shakes and soft drinks.
As you can see, these are a few commonly found food containers and packaging solutions available in the market. To guarantee the finest quality products, you must contact a reliable source like Progressive Supplies. We are a well-known business that can provide you with different kinds of paper food packaging solutions. Our dedication to protecting the environment from the harmful effects of plastic accounts for our prominence across a large customer base. For more information, you can visit our website.
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