Retail Packaging Design Vs. E-Commerce Packaging Designs

Retail Packaging Design Vs. E-Commerce Packaging Designs

As the name suggests, retail packaging involves the packaging designs for retail products displayed on the shop shelves. However, for e-commerce packaging, the needs and features are completely different. Retail packaging is more challenging than ecommerce packaging; the motto of retail packaging designs is to keep the products safe and attract customers. On the other hand, ecommerce packaging is focused majorly on keeping the products safe during transit. The customer attention part can be easily avoided.


What are the differences between retail packaging and e-commerce packaging?


Shelf competition

The rate of comparison of any product increases during the physical purchase process. So, irrespective of the brand value, the product displayed on the shelf is generally compared with the competitor product beside the same. With the help of attractive and informative retail packaging, you can improve the purchase proximity of the product. On the other hand, for ecommerce products, the customer has already made up his mind before he has ordered, so the scope of comparison is less. Packaging plays no role in the same.


Sense of touch

In physical purchases, a sense of touch matters a lot. The consumer can touch the product and feel the same. Since the customer cannot touch the raw product, it is the packaging that the customer is touching. Hence, retail packagers need to consider two major factors - visual aesthetics and kinesthetic stimulus- to create a positive impression on the customers. For ecommerce products, this is different. The customer only sees and touches the packaging after the product reaches them.


Safety and durability

Especially for perishable products, retail packagers pay proper attention to the packaging part as they need to keep the products fresh, safe and durable. For ecommerce products as well, safety plays a major role. While designing the packaging part, the major concern of the packager rests on keeping the product safe with the most possible durable material.


Positive experience

Unlike ecommerce products, with proper retail packaging, a positive impression about the product is created in the customers' minds. This triggers their purchase decision. Most brands use boring, economical and standard packaging processes. This doesn't draw the customers' attention and does not create a positive impression in the customers' minds.

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