Ways Basket Bags Have Brought A Positive Change in Retail Packaging

Ways Basket Bags Have Brought A Positive Change in Retail Packaging

When discussing different kinds of bags used in retail, we cannot ignore basket bags. It is a nice upgrade to regular paper bags that offers more space to the buyers. The best part of these bags is that they are customisable in different materials. Therefore, these bags have become the primary choice for many retailers to package their stuff.


Details About Basket Bags:

The basket bags are named so for their resemblance to a box or a small basket. These are generally square and have optimum support that helps you carry different items inside. The bags help solve most retail packaging issues that retailers commonly face. Thanks to the customisation feature, these bags do not harm the environment.


How Basket Bags Are Helpful for Retail Packaging?

Though basket bags are not an innovative experiment, it has brought about a positive change in overall packaging. Apart from taking multiple things easily, these bags have also become a fashion statement. Here are some eco-friendly materials that are used in creating a basket bag:
  • Paper: It is by far the most common material used for making a basket bag. To create such a bag, the manufacturer uses multiple layers of paper. This makes the bag thicker and easier to carry. Paper is biodegradable as a material, causing zero environmental pollution.
  • Canvas: If you are looking for a basket bag made of a heavier material, choose canvas basket bags. These are a bit heavier than cotton but show the same properties.
  • Jute: Jute is the most sturdy and suitable material for a basket bag. It is a strong and stiff material that provides proper support. Adding gussets to jute basket bags makes them stronger and more durable.
  • Cotton: It is another naturally sourced material which is commonly utilised to make this bag. It is reusable; you can use the bag after a single wash. Even though it is a softer material than the others discussed here, inserting gussets can make it stronger.


Now that you know all the details about a basket bag, it will be easier for you to choose one. However, if you want the bags in bulk, get in touch with a professional source like Progressive Suppliers. We can be your go-to source for sustainable packaging solutions. Our experts can provide you with different types of retail packaging items in various materials. To collaborate with us, you can visit our website today.
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