What Are The Differences Between Recyclable, Compostable and Degradable Packaging?

What Are The Differences Between Recyclable, Compostable and Degradable Packaging?

Companies in the food and beverage industries continuously strive to make sustainable packing solutions to keep eco-conscious customers brand loyal.

To benefit from completely sustainable packaging solutions, you must understand the difference between recyclable, compostable, and degradable packaging.


What are recyclable packaging solutions?

The concept of recyclable packaging is simple. The packages are made to be quickly repossessed or reused as new products later. Hence, food industries opt for recyclable packages that allow customers to reuse the same item multiple times. This helps to reduce the waste as the customers do not need to dispose of the packaging after the first use.


What to expect from recyclable packaging solutions?

  • Paper, cardboard, aluminium, and PET plastics are mainly used to design recyclable packaging solutions.
  • These packaging solutions help to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
  • Recyclable packaging materials are safe, keep food healthy, and are acceptable globally.

What is a degradable packaging solution?

These packaging solutions are designed through natural processes like hydrolysis and oxidation. When these packages are discarded, they may not completely disappear. A few parts of the packages will remain.


What to expect from degradable packaging solutions?

  • They will break down into smaller particles when disposed of.
  • They are not an environmentally friendly solution as long as they do not disappear completely.
  • They are not suitable for recycling or composting.
  • They should be disposed of responsibly as they contaminate the streams and lands.
  • They include components of plastics as well.

What is a compostable packaging solution?

These packaging solutions are made with organic and plant-based materials like polymers. They tend to break down and get compost into the environment when disposed of in the ground.


What to expect from compostable packaging solutions?

  • They can be used for enriching the soil as they work as composts.
  • They are made with wood pulp, potato starch, cotton, palm leaves or bagasse.
  • They can be recycled or made to disappear into nature without any issues.
  • They are eco-friendly packaging solutions if a business wants to use the same for the long term.
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