Why It Is Best To Choose Paper Cups For Office Coffee Or Tea Breaks?

Why It Is Best To Choose Paper Cups For Office Coffee Or Tea Breaks?

Nothing keeps the employees in the office energetic and refreshed in between work other than a cup of tea or coffee. Every individual requires their daily dose of caffeine to get energy for completing their working hours. In many countries, pantry managers have the responsibility to give tea and other beverages to the employees when they require them.

Even many offices have the “bring your own mug” policy to reduce wastage and save money. Considering the shocking reality of using ceramic mugs, it is a wise decision to move to paper cups.

The ceramic cups are the most germ-infested objects in your office premises. Bacterial proliferation is much more on these ceramic mugs than on toilet seats. Besides, as the ceramic cups are used again and again, they tend to become dirty too.


The Dark Side of Using Ceramic Mugs to Drink Tea or Coffee?

Do you find it difficult to believe that ceramic mugs are dirty? Well, now you must find out where the germs are coming from. The desktop and general space contain twice the amount of germs and bacteria that you find in the bathroom.

An employee spends their 9 hours in the office with others. Germs from other people, their desktops and office stationary chair in the office stays there for a long. For these reasons, the corporate offices are now switching to paper cups. These disposable cups help in promoting personal safety and hygiene.


Advantages of Using Paper Cups In Place Of Ceramic Mugs

  • The paper cup is best for one-time use. They are a healthier choice as they cannot spread germs or bacteria. As the ceramic mug is used in a repeated mode, the health hazards linked with it are bigger.
  • They are lighter as well. They are easy to be moved within the office. There is less chance of spillage, and they can be dumped in office bins, too.
  • They are affordable to ceramic mugs. They are easy to deal with in different modes. The number of times you have your hot beverage, you can use them, use and throw.
  • They are eco-friendly. A company that uses paper-printed cups are recycled easily.
Several companies have now accepted the use of paper cups over ceramic ones. If you want to have paper cups in bulk, order them from Progressive Supplies. Get in touch with the team to know about the prices.
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