Progressive Supplies Environment Page

As our name suggests, we're into progressive packaging. We're passionate about the environment and only supply responsibly sourced products.

We're also passionate about making sure our customers get the best packaging for their businesses so we're all about giving people as much information as possible so that they can make the right choice.

The Whole Package

We know that functionality, aesthetics and clarity of purpose are important, as well as making the right choice for the environment, we will help you choose the best products based on:

  • Your budget
  • What you sell / supply
  • Environmental impact
  • Sustainable materials
  • Reducing packaging and non-viable waste
  • Ethical production

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  • Do the suppliers and factories you work with protect the environment?

    Yes. All of our suppliers and the factories we work with have social and environmental credentials or are working towards them.

  • What is rPET?
  • What is non-viable waste?
  • What is the difference between Bio degradable and degradable materials.

There are many more questions, if you have any please ask us and we will try to give an answer to the best of our knowledge and ability.


Composting FAQ

Single-use: we all know the challenges, but let’s explore a compostable solution. Even with a major shift to reusables, some disposables will always be needed. When the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane, there were no airports, and look at air infrastructure now. By choosing compostables, foodservice businesses can actively drive change in UK recycling. Here’s why businesses should consider going compostable.

  • What’s the point of disposables being compostable?
  • How do compostables solve food contamination?
  • What’s wrong with recyclable?
  • What is compostable plastic made from?
  • Do plant-based materials work as well as plastic?
  • What is compostable plastic made from?
  • What’s the difference between biodegradable and compostable?
  • What are composting conditions?
  • How can composting reduce UK floods?!
  • What’s the point if I can’t compost it?
  • Can composting facilities accept it?
  • What about composting collections?
  • Is Vegware suitable for on-site composting?
  • Where is it easiest to capture used compostables?
  • Why is education so important?
  • What about on-the-go?

There’s a major opportunity for change in UK recycling right now.

Compostables are the only practical solution for food-contaminated disposables. The more businesses that go compostable, the faster we can achieve this much-needed change.