Recycle me Cups / Precision

Progressive Supplies are proud to announce the launch of the RecycleMe Cup Program along with Perfect Ratio Precision Cup range from our partners Detpak.

Choose Recycle Me Paper Cups of the Highest Quality

At Progressive Supplies, one of the things we are always keeping an eye on is making sure that each of our products is in keeping with the betterment of the environment. But you also need to understand that product quality is not something we compromise on in a bid to be eco-friendly. Our Recycle Me paper cups are all 100% recyclable and you can rest assure on the fact that you will get the best cups for your specific purpose without needing to worry about harming the environment in any way, shape or form.

Utility and recyclability are two things that rank very highly on our list, and this adherence is what makes us quite unique in our field as we have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves in our particular domain. Each member of our proficient staff at Progressive Supplies has the authority to pull out a product if they believe that it does not live up to the high standards that we have set for ourselves, and indeed, in the industry. You can be sure of the fact that you are not going to find paper cups that are environmentally friendlier than our line of products.

Especially for the speciality coffee market.

The RecycleMe programme

Progressive Supplies Ltd Detpak has teamed up with Shredall with over 13,000 collection points already active across the UK you can ensure that you that will have your cups recycled, guaranteed. Please play the powerpoint presentation to find out more about the RecycleMe programme. The standard 4, 8 12 and 16oz sizes in single walled and double walled will soon be available from stock.

All sizes and style of cups are available printed with your own custom design. The quantities for branding start at 50,000 pcs.

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