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BePulp Range

BePulp Range

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 The BePulp Container range meets the latest trends in food service with high-quality features:

  • The best lid fit in the market
  • Superb product visibility
  • Excellent stackability and denesting features
  • No taste transfer
  • Lids are made of recycled PET lids
  • Bagasse bowls are certified compostable
  • Base: temperature resistance is from -10°C to +120°C.
  • Lid: temperature resistance is from -40°C to +54°C and is rapidly biodegradable.

In order to respond to the increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions, that work we have teamed up with Sabert and the BePulp brand, a range of innovative products made from bagasse (sugar cane residue), a natural material which is both abundant and renewable.

The appearance of food is very important in the pleasure of dining, as well as presentation. Sight is the first sense to be engaged, our first contact with food. It is with that idea in mind that we have developed and extended the bepulp container range. The last launch in the range is the slope container and its lid that allows a perfect visibility of the food preparation, even when the containers are stacked.

The range offers many very practical options all of which can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The entire range is certified for composting according to regulation EN 13 432.

Bagasse is sugar cane, an abundant and renewable resource. Made from residual fibres from sugar cane production, bagasse is widely used in the sugar cane industry and has many properties. In particular, it is used as a biofuel as well as a construction material in some countries.

In the food packaging sector, this natural cellulose is one of the best sustainable alternatives to plastic. It meet all requirements and is not in any way harmful to health. It can support differences in temperature from -10° to + 120° and is rapidly biodegradable.

The eco-friendly solution for hot, cold, wet or dry food

The food service market is changing rapidly driven by trends including the increasing number of people ordering food online and the growing number of consumers looking for sustainable offerings. The need for eco-friendly and reliable packaging for hot food is significant and not always addressed properly.

Eco Behaviour

It is not just what is in the dish that counts, consumers demand for transparency extends to the packaging. Shoppers want recycled, compostable options with a smaller environmental footprint.

The eco-friendly solution for hot food

The food service market like any other is driven by trends and with the increasing number of people ordering food online or picking up in a grab and go outlets on the way to work demand more sustainable packaging offerings. The need for eco-friendly and reliable packaging for hot food is significant and not always addressed properly. The excellent base & lid fit, which reduces the chances of leakages, the wide range of sizes and shapes to really present the food beautifully on arrival, the environmental commitment, the aesthetic, the basic easy to use, fill and eat from functionality and the price, all add up to make the Sabert products the number one choice. So stay one step ahead with the reliable Sabert eco-friendly solutions! Suitable for Hot and Cold, Wet or Dry dishes.

Available as:

Sabert Round 500ml BePulp bowl Size: 15x6cm (quantity: 500)

Sabert Round 1000ml BePulp bowl Size: 21x6cm (quantity: 300)

Clear Flat rPET Lid for 500ml BePulp Round Bowl (quantity: 500)

Clear Flat Lid for 1L BePulp Round Bowl (quantity: 150)

BePulp Square 750ml Bowl (17x5cm) (quantity: 300) Lid PUL54124

Clear Flat Lid for 750ml BePulp Square Bowl (quantity: 300)

B-Pulp 600ml r-PET Lid (quantity: 300)

BePulp Container 1000ml (23x23x3cm) (quantity: 300) (Lid to fit - PUL51901F300RPET / PUL51901F300)

Sabert Natural BePulp Base 950ml (30oz) Size: 16 x 23 x 5cm (quantity: 300)

Clear rPET Lid Fits - BePulp 23x23cm bases 1000/1500ml (quantity: 300)

Clear rPET Lid for 600/950ml BePulp (quantity: 300)

Oval eco street 19x15x5 Be pulp - 620ml Container (quantity: 300)

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