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Culisto Fresh Wrap

Culisto Fresh Wrap

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The Hot 'ToGo' Packaging

Your first bite into a fresh, hot burrito will be unforgettable with the Culisto®! In the morning it's a breakfast burrito with egg and ham, at lunchtime a pulled pork burrito or a salad wrap. Pack any wrap with fresh vegetables or Greek pita roll with fine feta cheese. The classic kebab or Yufka role feels securely packaged in Culisto®. Everything can be easily prepared, quickly packed, heated and enjoyed comfortably in Culisto® packaging.

Reduce your costs to a minimum and heat your snacks directly in Culisto®. Our clever choice of material is heat resistant and can be used directly in the oven. Guaranteed free of aluminum and made from recyclable paper!

Available as increments of 5.

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