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Huskee Cup & Lid

Huskee Cup & Lid

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  • Re-purposes waste material (coffee husk)
  • HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material. Coffee husk is an organic waste material that’s produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By purchasing HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee
  • We’ve developed a single lid and saucer that work with every cup size! Our lid and saucer are both made from the same unique husk material as HuskeeCup. Huskee’s Universal Saucer stacks neatly and the Universal Lid has been designed to give you a café drinking experience on the go!
  • Easy to Clean: Huskee’s Universal Lid has been designed with cleanliness in mind. It’s streamlined design means there’s nowhere for coffee to hide once you’ve given it a wash! Plus, Huskee Cup’s base features drainage vents that ensure water runs straight off the cup after cleaning. No more nasty liquid pools!

Available as:

6oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Charcoal)

6oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Natural)

8oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Charcoal)

8oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Natural)

12oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Charcoal)

12oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Natural)

6oz HuskeeCup (Charcoal)

6oz HuskeeCup (Natural)

8oz HuskeeCup (Charcoal)

8oz HuskeeCup (Natural)

12oz HuskeeCup (Charcoal)

12oz HuskeeCup (Natural)

Sold in cartons of 48 cups (12 packs of 4)

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