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Leakproof Clear Pot & Lid

Leakproof Clear Pot & Lid

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The leak proof clear pot range is available in a range of sizes from 240ml up to 670ml. All pots include a tamper evident strip and are suitable for use in the microwave, freezer and for hot filling. 

All plastic soup containers come in combi packs containing bowls and lids, meaning you can order one box instead of two and reduce your storage space requirements.

Reusable and widely recyclable IML pots are not only cost effective for you and convenient for the end consumer, but also help meet government targets for packaging recycling and recovery. 

Design your own distinctive packaging from as few as 10,000 pieces reducing risk and increasing opportunities with creative In Mould Labelling (IML). 

Different IML options:
• Full cover
• Peak inside, create a transparent pot window
• Perfect mix clear pot with coloured lid
With 76 coloured plastics to choose from you can mix and match or find your brand colours.

Available as:

670ml L/proof Combi T/e Clear Pot & Lid/93mm (quantity: 310)

240ml L/proof Combi T/e PET Clear Pot & Lid/93mm (quantity: 432)

365ml L/proof Combi T/e Clear Pot & Lid/93mm (quantity: 415)

480ml L/proof Combi T/e Clear Pot & Lid/115mm (quantity: 298)

520ml L/proof Combi T/e Clear Pot & Lid/93mm (quantity: 380)

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